SSH Reverse Proxy Tunnel (Postman)

SSH Reverse Proxy Tunnel (Postman)

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Suppose you have to test some API. But the APIs can be accessed from your staging server only. How can you test those APIs from your local PC?

Hmm, A big problem. But it has a small solution. You can follow the steps below.

Install proxy package if not installed:

npm install -g http-proxy-to-socks

Add port listener for your remote server (here we are opening 5001 port)

ssh -D 5001 -i private_key.pem server_user_name@server_ip

Forward socket requests to 5001 port (It’ll capture requests from port 8080)

hpts -s -p 8080

Setup postman proxy

  1. Postman settings > Proxy > Add custom proxy >
  2. Uncheck use system proxy